Can Someone Really Master a Sport?

Posted by Artisan1 On December - 9 - 2011 0 Comment

Absolutely! If you’ve watched sports for any length of time, you’ve probably already seen sports masters or at least seen glimpses of sports mastery.

Have you ever seen a pro basketball player put the team on his back and carry them to the championship? Have you ever seen an Olympic sprinter get off to a bad start and still come back and win the race? How about a major league pitcher that pitches a no-hitter in consecutive games?

If you turn on the Tv you can see that evidence of sports mastery and the highest levels of athletic achievement are still present today. Many athletes show signs of greatness, no matter how short lived. The difference is that a master of a sport can consistently perform at that high level and will not only show signs of greatness, but will be great.

When we think of mastery, most people automatically think martial arts or some other field of interest, but rarely do people ever think of mastering a sport. Even in team sports, each individual can become a master at his/her own position and the entire team could implement a team mastery concept.

We’ve all witnessed teams in many different sports that were over matched athletically or otherwise and still ended up winning the game or event because they played better “together”. What we’re really saying is the synergy of the team was the key, not only the physical or the mental aspects. This synergy is part of sports mastery. All that is needed for you to become a master of your sport is you, a proven system for mastery of your sport and a qualified sports mastery artisan to guide you along the process.

So, the question is not whether a sport can be mastered, but rather “Can YOU master your sport”?

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