What’s Wrong with Athletes and Sports Today?

Posted by Artisan1 On December - 9 - 2011 0 Comment

One thing that we always here people say is that sports today is "watered down".  Sports mastery calls this sports dilution.  It seems that mass media neuroprogramming creates major sports dilution in the athletes and the actual sport itself. 

Nowadays, even pro superstar athletes seem to fall prey to this especially once one has achieved a measure of financial success so athletic success doesn’t seem to matter quite as much.  It's not so bad to lose the game when you have $50 mil in the bank, right? Yes, being financially secure certainly alleviates certain pressures in life, but that type of attitude and mentality has no place in the mind of a sports master.

We see more often than not, an athlete who just lost a tough game or match out partying the same night.  We're not against partying [ to an extent :) ] ….but a sports master can express himself honestly and completely and if winning is part of his intention and he doesn’t accomplish this, he will not be happy and certainly not partying afterwards. 

It appears that the mindset of many of today’s athletes is all wrong.  We see it time and time again, athletes with all the promise and potential in the world, fail miserably because of listening to the wrong people, whether it be bad advice from coaches or even their own PR people.  Sad to say, sometimes even when a champion is crowned, it seems that the only reason they won was because someone had to win; not because of them dominating their sport.

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