What is Sports Mastery?

Posted by Artisan1 On December - 9 - 2011 0 Comment

what is sports masterySports mastery has eluded definition for ages, although it has been around and readily recognized throughout history.  Sports Mastery occurs when an athlete has fully actualized his/her athletic potential, coupled with expert knowledge of their particular sport and then being able to synergistically apply it to their sport.  Sports Mastery refers to the art and philosophy of mastering your sport so as to reach the highest levels of personal athletic achievement.  An athlete on the path to sports mastery will be able to fully maximize his/her own athletic potential and then be able synergistically apply it to a specific sport or event.

Learning and implementing sports mastery principles is the most efficient way for the top pro athletes to truly actualize their maximum potential and relate it to their sport for their own immediate use.

There is an inner sports master in all of us; you just need a system that will get you back in touch with your true self.

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