What is a Sports Mastery Artisan?

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Through the ages, artisans have been referred to as workers who practice a trade or handicraft.  In medieval times, artisans could be any number of trades.  There were blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers, etc. all of which can be considered artisans within their trade. 

Sports mastery artisans also practice a trade or craft; Sports Mastery.  A sports mastery artisan is an athlete who not only practices in the sports mastery arts but unlike artisans of old, also has the ability to instruct or guide others as well.  For this reason, finding a sports mastery artisan has always been difficult, that is, until the Psionova Sports Mastery Research Division decided to make it a service available to pro athletes and coaches.

Your sports mastery artisan can save you time and energy because he/she can help you put an entire blueprint together and help you implement it. Your artisan should have actually competed in high level sports in this era and will fully understand the nature of the game as it is played and felt today not 20, 30 or more years ago. Since they have experience actually implementing principles personally within his/her own sport, they can therefore point out ways to save you time and energy also.

A sports mastery artisan should have the ability and energy to actually roll up his/her sleeves and get into your sport with you and not only “tell” you but actually show you specific tips and techniques for mastery of your sport. Your sports mastery artisan should also be able to guide you along your path to mastery and provide sound advice, suggestions and shortcuts to dramatically accelerate your progress.

To find out how sports mastery can help you, contact a sports mastery artisan today!

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