Watered Down Sports – Sports Dilution

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sports dilutionWhat is sports dilution?

Sports Dilution in layman terms refers to sports that have become "watered down".  Webster's dictionary states the definition of watered down as "to reduce the force or effectiveness of something" or dilution as a "lessening of real value by a decrease in relative worth" and another definition describes its meaning as, "to diminish the strength, flavor, or brilliance of something".  No matter what you want to call it, its not good for any sports or athletes.

Many fans, spectators and even fellow athletes can attest to the obvious nature of sports and the actual athletes themselves becoming watered down.  We've seen many games, events and tournaments across many different sports where this has been the case.  How so? 

Have you ever watched a pro game or sporting event and at the end say, "that wasn't a 'good' game', or "that was such a 'boring' match, I couldn't barely watch". Or on the flip side, how about, "that was a 'great' game to watch". 

When we say or hear these types of things, what we are really looking for is human potential being displayed at the highest levels through sport.  We all want to see amazing highlights and displays of greatness, so when someone says that was a terrible game or that was a boring game to watch, take an objective look at the game in question and more times than not, you'll see signs of dilution. 

When two opponents are maximizing their abilities in honorable high level sporting competition, you will rarely hear anyone say, "that was a boring game to watch".


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