Miami Heat’s Win Streak Don’t Mean a Thing..Unless

Posted by Artisan1 On March - 25 - 2012 0 Comment

Every time you turn on the TV, we miami heathear all the media hype and press coverage surrounding the Miami Heat's current win streak.  There have been comparisons to dominate teams of the past with similar high winning streaks with some winning the championship at the end of the year and some not.  Either way we have to look a little deeper at what these “hot streaks” really tell us about the team and the sport itself.  As it pertains to sports, it leads me to wonder, what is a streak? Or what does a streak really show? Does it really matter how long a winning streak goes if you don't win the championship? Or better still, why are we so enamored when a lengthy streak, hot or cold, happens? Studies in sports mastery may give us a clue. 

For our purposes here, we will only discuss the Miami Heat's hot streak.  First off, the way the NBA is set up today,  we have to remember that the only thing that really matters is winning the championship.  So if Miami wins 30, 40 or 50 games in a row, it won't mean much if they “drop the ball” in the Finals.  All that winning streak stuff won't mean a thing if they don't win it all in June!

Now, with that being said, most people love to see an athlete or a team perform at a very high level for sustained periods of time.  Even those that don't watch sports so much would likely be dazzled by some of the amazing athletic feats that are on display in today's sports, so, it could be perceived that this is a human potential, athletic actualization type of thing that we ALL want to see!

What would happen if you held a hot streak for say half a season or what about an entire season?  If any team or individual athlete held a “hot streak” for that long, it would no longer be a streak but more on the lines of sports mastery.  That winning team or athlete would obviously simply “be” that much better or has figured out a way to succeed that is that much more efficient.  Possibly even have a system that is far superior to any the competition uses.  In any instance, maintaining a high level of performance while dominating your sport is what mastery is all about.

Now as far as the Heat's hot streak goes, it may be impressive to watch the high flying dunks, and exciting plays and shots; but what we really want to see is complete dominance.  People want to see heroes, the champions, the ones that continue to display greatness on a consistent basis.  Sports is a true love-hate relationship. This is what makes dynasties so great; people love to see a team or player dominate but people also love to see an underdog take down the powerhouse or dominate team.  Is this Miami Heat hot streak the beginning of a dynasty?,  possibly.  Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure if they don't win it all, the hot streak won't mean a thing.

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