The new, cutting edge book "The Strangest Secret to Winning Championships – How to Crush Your Competition and Totally Dominate Your Sport".

The Strangest Secret to Winning ChampionshipsThis book is geared specifically for top professional athletes and coaches today.

Being the leading authority on sports mastery and athletic actualization, J. Scott Warner and his ground breaking book teach top professional athletes from all over the world how to consistently win championships.  Using the proprietary Athletic Mastery & Sports Synergy System (A.M.A.S.S.) pro athletes and coaches learn to master their sport in the fastest way possible.

Being an expert in sports mastery, problem analysis,  maximizing potential, optimal team synergy, complete athletic mastery and dominance; athletes will get performance driven results.  Sports mastery will take great athletes and make them into champions that win consistently.  Some play for fun others play to win, and win it all!

Our mission is to help as many athletes as we can to not only win more often in their sport but to eventually become a master of their sport.  Sports mastery teaches athletes how to master their sport and win as many championships as possible in order to cement their legacy.  Once sports mastery is achieved winning championships is merely a side benefit.


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