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What is sports dilution? Sports Dilution in layman terms refers to sports that have become "watered down".  Webster's dictionary states the definition of watered down as "to reduce the force or effectiveness of something" or dilution as a "lessening of real value by a decrease in relative worth" and another definition describes its meaning as,  [ Read More ]

Many athletes today are not even prepared to win one championship, let alone, being prepared to master their sport.  It appears that today’s top athletes don’t seem to really care about winning as much as in the past.  We have mass media driven propaganda to thank for this.  This media programming seems to be the  [ Read More ]

Sports mastery has eluded definition for ages, although it has been around and readily recognized throughout history.  Sports Mastery occurs when an athlete has fully actualized his/her athletic potential, coupled with expert knowledge of their particular sport and then being able to synergistically apply it to their sport.  Sports Mastery refers to the art and  [ Read More ]